The commercial/industrial department of Carlson Sheet Metal Works uses many of its machines to assist in the fabrication process. Capabilities include:

    1. Bending 1/2" thick steel plate, 20 long.
    2. Cutting 2" thick steel plate on its CNC plasma cutting machine.
    3. Shearing 1/4" aluminum and steel material that is 12 long.
    4. Jump shearing 18 to 20 long

Our crews have a wide range of experience in many areas.  These include building tanks, fabricating carbon and stainless steel duct work, exhaust hoods, conveyor platforms, filters, screens, flashing, coping, louvers, gutters and many other metal applications

Please do not hesitate to call us at (509) 535-4228 with questions or for more information about what we can do for you.


Food Processing Tanks
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Stainless Steel Work Table
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Stainless Steel Pulp Tanks
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Air Ducts
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Air Ducts 2

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Portable Fish Tanks

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Vehicles Page
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Spiral Stair Case
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